What Inspires You? Featuring Kat Parker

Give this world good energy…Element Eden is absolutely thrilled to release the second installment of 'What Inspires You?' with Kat Parker.

Kat is a talented photographer and content creator from Sydney, Australia. Her photos capture the perfect moment with a clean aesthetic and aspire teleportation to the moment captured. Whether it's people, spaces, lines, landscaped or food, Kat's photos create emotion and connection with all who view her work.

'What Inspires You?'is a sneak peek into what drives our Element Eden advocates and friends of the brand to create and constantly innovate. They are driven by their passions and the need to express themselves. They see the world differently, and that's a good thing.

We want to encourage and inspire other like minded girls to share what inspires them and to build our creative community. Share what Inspires you. We want to know! #ElementEdenInspires