What Inspires You? - Annita Maslov

We are delighted to launch the Element Eden`What Inspires You?' global campaign with Annita Maslov in Australia.

Annita Maslov is an amazing tattooist and illustrator based in Melbourne. Her black ink drawings and skill with the tattoo gun will have you wanting to get inked by this talented lady.

`What Inspires You?’is a sneak peek into what drives our advocates, ambassadors and friends of the brand to create and constantly innovate. They are driven by their passions and the need to express themselves. They see the world differently. And that’s a good thing.

Annita Maslov -"My drawing style has evolved dramatically over the last 5 years, influenced by a vast array of different artistic genres, spanning from 19th century scientific illustration to pop surrealism. After years of exploration with different styles and different mediums, I think I have finally found my niche - gothic and surreal imagery done predominately with black pen and ink in the pointillism style. Although I do believe my art will continue to develop and evolve as I continue to explore different realms in my artistic endeavours.

I got into tattooing a couple years ago because a lot of the work I was getting as a freelance illustrator was tattoo designs, and I thoroughly enjoyed the collaborative design process involved. Actualising a personalised design for clients that had a lot of meaning to them was very fulfilling. I then knew it was inevitable I would eventually end up tattooing. Regardless of how my art progresses, tattooing is something I’ll always see myself doing. Well, until I develop severe arthritis, or something.”

What Inspires You? We want to know! #ElementEdenInspires

VIEW the Annita Maslov `What Inspires You?' full part video here:

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