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Garcia Delirium 8.5


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The Garcia Delirium 8.5 Deck from Element comes from the Delirium series, featuring unique Element graphic, metallic inks and Featherlight construction.

Sizing Grid

Width 8.5"
Length 32.625"
Wheelbase 14.5"
Nose 7.25"
Tail 6.475"

Product Features

    • Garcia Delirium 8.5 Skateboard Deck

      Element skateboard decks are made with the most cutting-edge technologies and best materials for an unrivaled combination of durability and functionality.

      Element Featherlight construction

      • Premium 7-ply maple construction
      • Thinner, stronger veneers creating lightness without compromising strength
      • Performance concave adding extra flick

    Team Tested, Approved & Ridden

    100% USA Grown Hard Maple

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