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Fall 2017 Element Wolfeboro Jackets

Skateboarding, the Arts and Nature, this is what Element stands for and where this journey starts…

The nights are drawing in and the temperature is cooling. Here's how our friends Jaakko Ojanen, French Fred and Nick Weston are dealing day-to-day with the dawn of autumn.

Check out what a day in their life looks like


Jaakko Ojanen
The Arts
French Fred
Nick Weston

Episode #2

The Arts

Fred Wears the Stark Jacket

Filmmaker and photographer Fred Mortagne, known simply as French Fred, stands for his legendary work that has inspired legions of skateboarders throughout the years.

Fred began filming in his hometown Lyon, France, where he still loves to live and where he takes us today to his secret and favourite spots.

Check out the second episode of our Wolfeboro campaign and join French Fred on a day of his life… @frenchfred

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Episode #1


Jaakko Wears the Dulcey Trail Jacket

Finland is cold, it snows 8 months of the year and we all know that's not much fun for a skateboarder

Still it doesn't stop the ever-smiling, leaf power-sliding Jaakko.

The waterproof and breathable Dulcey Trail Jacket is great for this kind of weather - it keeps you warm but not sweaty - a great combo!

And don't forget Element Wolfeboro Jackets are Made to Endure. Take a look!

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