The Element Perspective : Fernando Elvira

The Element Perspective Project is an ever-evolving platform showcasing works from Element Brand Advocates, renowned guest artists and up-and-coming talent.


Fernando Elvira

Born and living in the Spanish basque country, artist Fernando Elvira works on any medium available, from photography and collage to mural painting and sculpture. His work is mostly known for his unique made-with-scissors graphic art.

The “Los Amigos” Series by Fernando Elvira is now available at as part of the Element Perspective project.

Take a look into Fernando's world at and follow his work @frugitano.

Other Perspectives

Patrick Schmidt

Patrick Schmidt is a young illustrator from South Wales based in London. Finding inspiration from wise old owls to worn out signs and with a love for painting on big walls when not making giant roquefort burgers, Patrick has created “The Guardians” collection.

Inspired by traditional woven Tibetan Tiger rugs, thought to provide the user protection when meditating, Patrick interpreted the Element riders’ individual spiritual animals. Nick Garcia’s coyote, Brandon Westgate’s bobcat and Julian Davidson’s snake become a colorful and uniquely illustrated animal rug, all of which are laid on a series of 3 skateboard decks and tee shirts.

Take a look into Patrick Schmidt's world at and follow his work @patrickschmidt_npt.

Thomas Campbell

The concept of this project was sparked from the idea that by bringing my bronze work into the board series, it would provide an access point to other forms of art, and the possibility of others being inspired to make shit and be creative. To balance out the graphic action, I got to lay down some hand styled lettering, and best of all, got to hand pick my favorite shredders on the team to do graphics for. Stoked.

- Thomas Campbell / Element Advocate

Mark “FOS” Foster

The iconic handstyle and imaginative creatures by FOS are featured as the latest edition to the ongoing Element Perspective collection.

Classically trained and wildly imaginative, FOS is renown for his commercial contributions to Altamont, Heroin Skateboards and a myriad of others; while also building an expanding portfolio of realistic drawings, sketches and paintings. For the “Sprites” series FOS twists the Element team into a pack of devious pixies creating a polyptych inspired by Brandon Westgate, Evan Smith, Nyjah Huston, Mark Appleyard and Greyson Fletcher.

Mark “FOS” Foster is an English native now residing Los Angeles, follow his work @fosgraphics.

Nathaniel Russel

Fascinated by the cosmos and in wonderment of nature, Nathaniel Russell brings his artistry to the ongoing Element Perspective canvas. Attracted to the language of poster art and print making, he has developed a unique style of visual communication that is both whimsical and beautiful.

Residing in his home city of Indianapolis, Nathaniel works with a wide variety of mediums making creative drawings, posters, paintings, sculptures and much more. He is often traveling the globe collaborating with friends and showing his latest works at traditional galleries and informal spaces alike.

Have a laugh, be inspired and enjoy more of Nat’s wonderful world at and @nathanielrussell on Instagram.