In the 70s, skateboarding had an influx of interest, and a ton of different magazines hit the newsstands. For our cover, we took a few different SkateBoarder mags,  mashed 'em together, and gave the cover to Nassim Guammaz.

Here are a few of the early versions of the covers and cover blurbs that didn't make the cut...

In the video, we go from Madars and Nassim sidewalk surfing, into an opening shot of the team running through a dirt field. Why you ask?

We shot this as an homage to Skateboard Kings and a ton of other early skate videos from the 70s. This was a common scene; a bunch of dudes, running in slow-mo through some sort of empty field, on their way to a full-pipe, ditch, or some sort of new spot sent by the skate gods.

Evan Smith and Chad Tim Tim teach you how to turn any regular boring shirt into a sleeveless shirt from the 70s.

1. Grab the sleeve you would like to remove.

2. Pull as hard as you can, and rip the aforementioned sleeve off.

3. You now have sleeveless shirt, and also two headbands.

Here's the crew, about to get down and dirty. From left to right: Madars Apse, Evan Smith, Chad Tim Tim, Nassim Guammaz, Mark Appleyard, and Levi Brown.

Evan Smith puts a coat of vintage paint on before dropping in.

Evan Smith, alley-oop wallride.

We actually shot two different 70s scenes, but one of them got completely cut from the video due to time constraints.

Boo Johnson, slaloms in style.

Madars Apse, one footed wiggle.

Camera crew discussing the day's shoot. From left to right: Oliver Barton (Photographer), Mark Stewart (Cameraman), Domino (Assistant), Chad Tim Tim (Talent), Kirk Dianda (Director), and Ryan Young (Director of Photography).

Cole Mathews holds up a pair of Element Eden shorts. We brought a bunch of these in different colors, but that's where the team drew the line.

Evan Smith and Madars Apse get into character with their new Carbon Cruisers. These are new cruiser boards that Element makes out of recycled carbon-fiber, which is then pressed back together. These are hitting shelves soon!

Madars Apse, Boo Johnson, Nassim Guammaz, and Evan Smith, thread the needle.

Stay tuned as we go back in time to the 80s next! - Thanks, Kirk #pasttopresent