Kepa X Gaberman - The Tone of Sebastopol

Kepa X Gaberman - The Tone of Sebastopol

July 2015. California is experiencing one of the most severe droughts ever recorded.

Dry lands, burned grass and yellowed hills make up the landscape that musician Bastien "Képa" Duverdier is driving through up the 101 North from San Francisco to Petaluma.

The reason for his trip is to record 8 original songs in the city of Sebastopol and get the the recording session photographed by world-renowned photographer Brian Gaberman.

This story started many months ago, on the old continent. The 27 years old French musician met the legendary American skateboarding photographer during a Pan European photo exhibition tour organized by their sponsor Element skateboards. Against all odds, both shared the same passion for John Fahey’s and Leo Kottke’s music : A guitar style known as American Primitive Guitar. Based on fingerpicking and open tunings with inspiration taken from the 30’s Delta Blues geniuses Charley Patton, Bukka White and Fred McDowell.

Kottke and Fahey perpetuated this traditional Blues style but added a very 60’s twist to it. Producing long progressive instrumental songs with an upbeat tempo, droning grooves and more complex structures. Some would call it psychedelic. Fifty years on and Képa and Gaberman are on the road again to pay a tribute to their musical heroes and legendary predecessors.

Why Sebastopol? Because the Open D major tuning – mostly used by Képa- is commonly called Sebastopol tuning by Blues players. This name originated from a classic piece from the 1800’s : « the siege of Sebastopol ».

The recording session took place at various locations : The Red Woods forrest, Gaberman family farm, the Sebastopol public skatepark bowl, a treehouse or an old saloon surrounded by horses. At each location the ambiant sounds have also been recorded and incorporated into the music. Video cameras were left at home leaving only Brian’s photography to paint the picture of the music.

Enjoy The Tone Of Sebastopol.

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