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    You Are What You Eat

    Eat well, Skate well, taking inspiration from sticker art on fruit, this capsules will help your pop. Eat Well, Skate...


    Tom Is Pro!

    TOM SCHAAR IS PRO!!! At only 18, Tom Schaar is already one of Element’s longest tenured skate team members. As a...


    Spring 18 Collection

    Element is about living it yourself, not simply living it through others. It is about being true to what and who you ...


    Element Fall 2017

    Through the Fall 17 collection, the Element brand celebrates the road travelled over the incredible twenty-five years...


    Four Directions - Elemental Awareness Visits Pine Ri...

    For over a decade the Elemental Awareness Foundation has been traveling across the nation visiting Indian reservation...


    Mason Is Pro!

    Growing up in Manhattan Beach, Mason was destined to be in the water, but as fate would have it his calling was in th...


    Element Fluff Spring 2017 Project

    Fluff is the brainchild of Element Advocate, skateboarder and autodidact photographer Marcel Veldman and Marco Jongen...


    Element - Spring 2017

    Featuring Element riders Nick Garcia, Nassim Guammaz, Dominick Walker and Jaakko Ojanen, and shot on a road trip th...


    Element - Best Of 2016

    What a year! 2016 has been one for the record books. Our team has been non-stop on the move this whole year and h...


    Conscious by Nature