To kickoff the 90s, we paid tribute to big pants, small wheels, and red curbs. These staple items all came together in this classic cover of Brian Lotti, laid out by legendary Art Director, David Carson.

Some say that when the 90s rolled around, things took a turn for the worst. This may be true to some aspect, as the industry crumbled (again), and fashion went before function. But with the big clothes and small wheels, came a progressive era that paved the way for where we are now.

We referenced a ton of classic photos from the World (Industries) days, the continually defining scene in San Francisco, especially EMB at that time. Here's Gino Iannuci and Spencer Fujimoto proving that regardless of the times, style is actually timeless.

Throughout the eras, we tried to ride period-correct boards. So for the 90s, our Hardgoods Director, Brian Hanhart had 38mm wheels made especially for the shoot. Here's Madars Apse putting on a brand new set of bearing covers.

Chase Webb and Chad Tim Tim pose with their new (old) boards. Check out the classic New Deal graphics we had made for the crew. Tim Tim opted out, and made his own graphic.

Madars' New Deal board and 38mm wheels, mid-session and pre-focus mission.

Whether it was out of rage, celebration, or just pure boredom, focusing your board was a staple move of the 90s. Here's Evan Smith, mid-board break. Evan had the great idea of adding a beer to the shot, so he poured a beer out as he snapped this deck, ultimately giving it more of an explosive look and feel. Thanks Evan!

Ethan Loy finished the scene off, breaking the board a few more times, and threw in a few slam dunks to send things home. Nassim, back smiths in the background for good measure.

Here's a shot of us shooting the scene.

The crew checks the playback on the slow-mo.

We paid tribute to the red curb at first, but true to skateboarding, things got bigger and better, and we had to move on. And if you had to pick one defining "big" spot from the 90s, it was Hubba Hideout. This legendary ledge was a proving ground throughout the decade (and beyond). Here's Pat Duffy from the Plan B video "Virtual Reality" with a kickflip noseslide on the left, and a frontside noseslide on the right.

If you look back at every photo or video clip of Hubba Hideout, the spot would always look different. Sometimes it was completely tagged or graffiti'd, and other times would like brand new again. Here's Lavar McBride on a tagged up switch crooked grind, while Ethan Fowler gets a sparkly clean tailslide.

To honor the visual diversity of Hubba Hideout, we skated it day and night, and clean and dirty too. Here's Evan Smith amidst a nollie crooked grind.

And Boo Johnson with a 180 nosegrind.

Ethan Loy has broken his wrist more than the 90s broke boards.

Director Kirk Dianda and Director of Photography Ryan Young shooting Hubba Hideout.

Boo Johnson tests the ledge out before taking it for a spin.

It's a wrap. Here's the crew on the last day, after a successful 10day shoot. From left to right; Ryan Young shoots Chad Muska, Johnny Schillereff and his kids Lennox and Camp, Chase Webb, Dominic Walker, Kirk Dianda, Nyjah Huston, Adam Hoyle, Ethan Loy, Chad Tim Tim, Dylan Radloff, Mark Stewart, and David Loy.

Thank you to the team and crew for all your hard work, and to you the viewer for your support. Skate & Create was an absolute blast. Follow our Instagram fee for more behind-the-scenes photos and stories.

Thanks, Kirk #pasttopresent