Rain or Shine

At one point or another, it’s going to rain on your parade. Or your wedding. Or that tropical vacation you only packed bikinis and SPF for. Take my trip to Florida last week for example: after 15 hours trucking down the East Coast in a huge Sprinter packed with kayaks and surfboards, we arrived at the coast prepared for a full day of beach bumming. Then it started storming (and if you’re familiar with Florida weather, that means lots of wind and monsoon amounts of rain). I wanted to throw my hands up and chalk it up to bad luck, maybe go catch a movie or something, but then I noticed the beach was totally empty. The storm had sent the massive beach crowd running for cover. The water still looked turquoise and it was probably still warm. So we made the best of it—we swam in the water as the rain dumped buckets on our heads. And you know what? It turned out to be a pretty awesome day.

So when the rain hits (both literally and figuratively) you have two choices: Run for cover and wait it out, or throw up a shaka and enjoy the free shower. After all, come rain or shine, life is still mighty fine.

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