PK visits students in Soweto one more time before returning to California

The Project Knapsack team travels to Soweto one last time to visit their pen pals at the Molalatladi Primary School before heading back to California. During the visit, the students took the time to finish up writing their return letters to their friends at Daniel Freeman Elementary school in Inglewood, Jefferson Elementary in Lennox, Campbell Hall and at The New Village Leadership Academy in as Las Virgines, California.
Both Daniel Freeman and Jefferson Elementary students are in their third year of the participating in PK's pen pal program through our current partnership with The Loyola Marymount University Men's Basketball team and their community service entity, LMU Cares under the direction of Coach Myke Scholl. The students in Africa were all encouraged to write about their most recent holiday, Human Rights Day, an important holiday to people throughout Africa.
During the Apartheid era there were human rights abuses by all sides; Human Rights Day is but one step to ensure that the people of South Africa are aware of their human rights and to ensure that such abuses never again occur.

Once the letters were completed, each student received their knapsacks filled with school supplies before they left for the day. We were honored to be able to visit with our new friends again and to learn a little more about the current barriers that affect student learning in developing countries. A big shout out to Molalatladi Principal, Julia Ngobeni and all of the amazing teachers who keep hope alive each day!! You motivate and inspire me to be a better person and to achieve greatness.
Africa STAND UP!!!