Evan Smith takes his new cruiser for a test drive through the desolate streets of his own backyard, Pittsburgh, PA. Shape is designed by Evan himself, ensuring this cruiser makes for a smooth ride but doesn't leave out the ability to shred everything in between.

Filmed and Edited by Mark Stewart

Original music by Evan Smith

We wanted Evan to be involved from start to finish when we developed the new Evan Smith Cruiser, to ensure it's exactly what he'd want. To give this insight into this process we caught up with Evan Smith to hear it straight from him. Interview by Dylan Christopher:

Dylan: What makes the perfect cruiser for you?

Evan: That’s a good way to phrase it, see you hooked me up right there. In my opinion, the perfect cruiser board is fast, and frequent. Steady and unforgiving. (laughs) That’s my answer.

Dylan: What’s the draw to riding a cruiser board compared to say, a normal skateboard?

Evan: The ground, because the grounds ruff, on a cruiser board you go a lot faster, and you can get over the ruff ground a lot easier, and it makes it easier to get from point A to B. Cruiser boards are mostly just to kickit and sidewalk surf you know.

D: What went into shaping this cruiser board?

E: Well Nick [Garcia] and Julian [Davidson] made cruiser boards about a year ago that did really well, and they were a smaller shape, and we wanted to do something kindof along the lines of that. So it came together as a smaller board but with a solid graphic that went along with the other two welcome boards I had. And we put black on black trucks and wheels so you can see the graphic better, and I’m really excited about the way it came out.

D: Where did the Idea for the graphic come from? I know it has your guitar in it..

E: Yeah! The graphic was kindof along the lines of the other two; we did a series with three “cosmic” boards, and it turned out really cool. We took a photo of some really cool space stuff, and put that on the background instead of a solid color to give a little more depth to it. And then, I wanted the idea of a bird of prey on there, and my favorite bird of prey is the Osprey, and the Osprey is holding my guitar which is engraved with my initials. I thought that was pretty cool, because its like taking it along with it, flying fast- which is kindof the point of cruiser boards you know? Just cruise along fast, and get from point A to point B. I think that bird was dropping off my guitar!

D: How is it to cruise the streets of Pittsburg at night?

E: Skating Pittsburg at night’s the best because there’s no people, if you go downtown there’s just bricks everywhere that are perfectly aligned. Really smooth, and there’s cool stuff to skate in the middle of the roads like medians and stuff. You can literally just go park downtown, grab your cruiser and go lurk the whole city. But that’s kind of like every place, just go into the city and MASH!

D: Alright, last question: I know that music is a huge inspiration of yours, if you could bring one album to a deserted island, what would you bring?

E: DAAANG! That’s hard… what album would you bring?

D: Oh man, I didn’t even think about it for myself..

E: See! Its Gnarly!

D: Ok, how about you can bring the whole discography of one single band or artist along with you..

E: Hmmm, ok. I’d probably get The Broken Social Scene discography in that case. And I would be content, they do everything, so I’d be stoked on the Broken Social Scene discography.

D: Do you get all of their solo projects along with that?

E: Aww that would be awesome because Art’s and Crafts is an AMAZING distribution.

D: What about if you could only bring one thing to a deserted island?

E: A knife, definitely a knife. I think you’d bring a knife too..

D: You’re right, I would, but I was almost expecting you to bring your guitar..

E: Yeah I know! That was the first thing that popped into my head, but I was like naa, I’d need that knife so I could get some shelter and make fire.

D: You’ve been taking too many Elemental Awareness classes, you know whats up now.

E: [Laughs] Yep. Any more questions? Lets keep this going, this is fun.

D: Ah man, I don’t have anymore, I don’t know..

E: C’mon make up one. [Laughs]

D: Alright, if you could go anywhere, jump on a plane and go anywhere tomorrow. Doesn’t have to be for skating, doesn’t have to be for music, where would you go?

E: Hmmmm, I would probably choose to go to Costa Rica, because the water is really warm. What about you?

D: Man you took mine, Costa Rica is a good bargain.

E: Such a good one.

D: Statistically they say it’s the happiest place on earth.

E: Literally THE happiest place on earth. Besides when you go into the city. If you stay away from the city it’s the happiest place on earth. Haha