Keep A Breast Tokyo Love Show

Artist: Hsiao-Ron Cheng

Artist: Marco Zamora
Castee: Al Swanson

Artist: Rene Gagnon
Castee: Juliet Simms

Artist: Wee Flowers
Castee: Ceyda Ocak

Keep A Breast Foundation (KAB) launches a new Japan branch in conjunction with their most recent exhibit… the Tokyo Love Show! KAB’s largest exhibit to date!

Many of us know of the foundation through their amazing “I heart boobies” bracelets, but if you don’t know of them… well, you should!! Keep a Breast is a non profit aiming to eradicate breast cancer by bringing awareness to young people, mainly through art events and educational/fundraising programs. Read up on them HERE!

We are dear friends of the team, strong believers in their mission and grateful to be able to take part in the Tokyo Love Show!

If you can’t make it to Tokyo for the show, you can check out the rest of the castees and the artists behind them at… and even purchase one if you would like to support the cause!!

Join us in following:

@KeepABreastJP @KeepABreast #tokyoloveshow

KAB Japan Facebook page or KAB U.S. Facebook page