Actions speak louder than words, and with Julian Davidson this rings all too true. Julian approaches his skating like everything else in his life, with versatility and determination. Not one to steal the spotlight with fanfare or antics, as an AM Julian built a resume of video parts and interviews only comparable to contemporary pros. His approach to life off the board, with hugs and smiles for all, further drives home his professionalism. Welcome to the pro team Julian.

But don’t just take our word for it, here’s what the rest of the team has to say about Ju Ju:

“Julian is about hard work, honor and principles. He’s my brother, and my favorite dude ever.” -Nick Garcia

"When given the chance to live next to a human like Julian, there is a seance that creates an uplifting sense of well being. Thank you for fucking living." -Evan Smith

"Julian is a classy dude, on and off the board. He’s already one of my favorites." -Mark Appleyard

"Meeting him at 12 with a squeaky voice, to now frontside flipping 12 stairs. I love my little Ju Ju!" -Chad Tim Tim

“Julian has been smashing it forever and I’m proud of all of his accomplishments so far. I’m looking forward to whatever comes next!” -Levi Brown

“Sick to see how far he’s come since the eldo days. Always been jealous of his proper flick.” -Trent McClung

“That dude rips, Can’t wait to go on a trip with him.” -Greyson Fletcher

“It’s inspiring and a joy to watch Julian having a blast on his board.” -Ray Barbee

"Julian is a golden god, a classic cool type of kid. When I met him he was shorter than me, now he beats up people for me." -Cole Mathews

Photos couresy of Chris Sanchez