Sometimes we get so caught up in our everyday lives that we forget about the endless experiences that our world has to offer. There is nothing so inspiring as jumping on a plane to somewhere you've never been before…

Here are a couple of photos from my past travels. Hopefully they inspire you to get out of your comfort zone, and embrace the unknown with open arms.

Pictured above: Hong Kong is a beautiful splice of tradition and modern.

The River Seine in Paris. It is said that Joan of Arc's ashes were scattered over the river.

While exploring Shibuya in Japan, I came across these monks playing traditional instruments, and wearing the most amazing costumes. The fabric stores in Japan are to die for.

Gold Coast, Australia have some of the most beautiful Beaches in the world, and the water is warm like a bath in the summertime!

When things get crazy, I close my eyes and pretend I'm in the quiet embrace of Big Sur, California... The most beautiful place in the world.

When Paris ran out of space to bury their dead, they stored the bones in the The Catacombes under the streets of Paris... One of the most eerie places I have ever visited, and I would do it again in a heart beat.

China has one of the oldest civilizations in the world today with over 4000 years of continuous history. Their culture is so rich with tradition and so different to ours that it really puts life into perspective when you experience it. The idea of Yin Yang is at the core of everyday life which remind you that everything is interconnected in the world... Humans and nature are one.

Red Rock Canyon, Las Vegas is so unique and wonderful. The most inspiring thing for me was the thought that their were as many as six different native American Indian tribes that once survived in this harsh desert. What incredible people they must have been.

Last but not least, this is a picture from my home on the central East coast of Australia. Explore what the world has to offer but never forget were you came from.