DIY do gooders... Final round!!

You can't mess up with this one. The messier the better in my opinion.

What you will need:

A few favorite beads
craft wire
needle nose pliers
wire cutters
A necklace chain

1. Pick a few beads or even just one that you wish to use as the eggs in your nest!

2. String the beads onto your wire and continue to wrap your wire around the cluster of beads until you reach the desired fulness of your nest.

3. If the beads keep acting squirrely and poking out then use your wire to hold them down as you wrap in the circular motion.

4. then to attach your necklace chain to your bird nest charm use the tail of your wire from your birds nest to wrap around the chain, connecting the two.

5. to finish simply wrap the excess wire into a ball or knot at the back of your birds nest and cut off!

Some of my close girl friends and I all made matching ones. They are simple, cheap and oh so classy!