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  • Grey Heather,

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A staple that speaks for street skating and street art. The Word features printed Element logo artwork from classically trained and wildly imaginative, FOS (Mark Foster) at the back a 100% cotton jersey t-shirt. Renown for his commercial contributions to Altamont, Heroin Skateboards and a myriad of others; while also building an expanding portfolio of realistic drawings, sketches and paintings, Element is honored to have FOS join the Element Perspective Project: an ever-evolving artistic platform showcasing works from Element Brand Advocates, renowned guest artists & up and coming talent.

Sizing Grid

XS 75 - 83
S 84 - 92
M 93 - 101
L 102 - 110
XL 111 - 119

Product Features

    • JERSEY 160G

      100% COTTON

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