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EP Ray Barbee T-Shirt


  • Off White,

  • 15,00 € 30,00 €

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The Element Perspective brings together creatives from around the world for a visual collective sharing a common camera, the Cannon AE-1. Each person's unique photograph is presented on a limited edition tee. The story will continue to unfold, as with every new installment new photographers will be announced. The result will be a gallery of unique visions and compelling imagery. This t-shirt features Ray Barbee's perspective, and is made from a high grade organic cotton jersey fabric that offers enhanced durability and exceptional comfort.

Sizing Grid

XS 75 - 83
S 84 - 92
M 93 - 101
L 102 - 110
XL 111 - 119

Product Features

      • The Element Perspective tee

      • Features the photographic art of Ray Barbee
      • 100% organic cotton jersey

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